Blooming in style

In my semi-tidy room, my bedside table is always the first area to become a bit of a mess. I'm definitely guilty of dumping my jewellery on it before bed (which, let's be honest, results in a hell of a lot of tangled necklaces) and of course aimlessly throwing my alarm clock at it every morning.
It has most definitely been a hectic little corner, which I never even thought about cleaning or even organising.
However, seeing as it is the first thing I see every single day, I thought it deserved a little bit of a re-vamp.

Because I am a little bit of a Pinterest girl and take HUGE amounts of inspiration from the site, I've stacked my books on top of each other. It seems like such a simple thing, but I really wouldn't have considered doing it if I hadn't seen books displayed like this in photos by the likes of Kate La Vie.

The books are some I regularly find myself reaching for, so I love having them on my bedside table where they're so close by. Especially 'Almost adulting' by Arden Rose, and 'The little book of hygge' which is where I get ALL the cosy vibes from.
To solve the tangled necklaces issue I touched on earlier, I decided to keep all the jewellery that I remove before bed on my Oliver Bonas trinket dish. I honestly don't know why I didn't do so earlier, it's solved many, many problems.

I also love the touches of rose gold on the trinket dish, especially as it goes with the rest of my bedroom seeing as I have a pops of gold and copper shades all around the room. Not only does it just go with the overall aesthetic, it's also a perfect fit colour wise with the lamp.
 Speaking of lamps... there's one on my bedside table which I'm slightly in love with. It's one of those bendy ones which I got from Ikea for £10 (Bargain or what?). I find the fact that its position is adjustable very helpful for late night reading, however miss clumsy over here might have lost the plug, so it's not a fully functional lamp... but with it being summer I don't mind it just sitting and looking pretty.

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